Nov 4, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Compression Stockings!

I have been wearing compression stockings religiously for the past year and I can't live without them. My grandma gave me my first pair that she had ordered online and that pair has been absolutely wonderful. They are knee-high, toeless, beige and unattractive. But they do the trick like no others I have tried. The problem is, she didn't remember what kind they were, and I stupidly threw away the box they came in without thinking twice about it. So for the last year I have been faithfully washing and wearing the same pair nearly everyday as I have searched, purchased, and tried about twenty different pairs, and every time I have been disappointed with the results. I have tried everything from Jobst, (which is supposed to be the best) to the no-name pairs online and failed to find any like the pair from my grandma. Luckily, the last time I saw her, she let me look at her stash that she still had in boxes - and bingo! I found a pair with the identical weight, texture and feel of the ones I have been wearing! They are called Jobst Relief compression stockings. There is a HUGE difference between the Jobst Relief line and the rest of their stockings. Although their other stockings might be slightly more attractive, the Relief ones work the best for combating lightheadedness and cold feet. I typically wear them under jeans or pants anyway so it's no big deal. They are available in black or beige, toeless or regular, knee high, thigh high and waist high. They are a bit pricey like all compression stockings are, but if your insurance covers them, then stock up. If not, I would still highly recommend investing in at least one pair. They don't just minimize lightheadedness and fainting, they also help with leg pain, fatigue, and circulation.

Yesterday my neighbor appeared at my doorstep visibly frightened and ill. She is a nice lady living with diabetes and bad neuropathy in her feet and was too weak and ill to go pick up her medications. After delivering her pills, I asked her if she had ever tried compression stockings. She hadn't but said that she had been thinking about trying them. I realize I am not a doctor but I recognized this woman's desperation and fear. She was visibly ill and looked like she was about to pass out. And I had to wonder if the lightheadedness she experienced that afternoon was a blood sugar issue or a case of orthostatic intolerance. Either way, I figured I should give her a pair of compression stockings to try. I ran home to get them and she has not taken them off since I gave them to her. Today she reported that last night was the first night in months that she had not experienced any foot or leg pain. She is now going to talk to her doctor about a prescription for them since they provided such immediate relief. It is amazing how often an old-fashioned remedy can be so much more effective than a pill.


  1. I'm a Jobst girl too. I have two black pairs that I wear in Winter (too hot in Summer). They look just like tights which is fantastic and I find they work like spanx so my butt looks great, bonus!

  2. Haha, nice! I haven't tried my full length pair yet, just the knee highs, but can't wait for the added butt benefits! :)