Nov 21, 2011

Did Brittany Murphy Really Have Dysautonomia?

After yet another Netflix binge, a few flicks left me wondering if their lead actresses could have hypermobility and/or autonomic dysfunction. One is the ever-enchanting Brittany Murphy. I love her as an actress and always have. And although the critics gave it largely negative reviews, I loved her in 'Little Black Book' which I watched on Netflix last night. She looked thin, but not nearly as gaunt as she did in 'Uptown Girls.'

After her tragic, untimely death it was quickly rumored, at least in the online community, that Brittany Murphy may have in fact suffered from dysautonomia. Her half brother Jeff Bertolotti apparently suffers from it and suspects that his sister did as well. According to her myriad symptoms and sudden weight loss which he also experienced, it is quite possible she was plagued by the same condition. Many thought Murphy must have surely suffered from an eating disorder, but keep in mind that many POTS victims also fall prey to sudden weight loss. When I first fell ill I struggled to keep any meat on my bones and I remember my EP hinted at anorexia more than once saying he didn't like to feel my bones. It's sad that we have to prove that our physical symptoms aren't the manifestations of mental disorders. Even though I had a ravenous appetite and was eating everything in sight I still couldn't put on a pound. In addition to being thin, Murphy was also reportedly taking beta blockers for a benign heart arrhythmia...
I have to admit, Bertolotti's theory about Murphy makes sense. I remember seeing Murphy on a red carpet somewhere a few years ago and she completely lost her train of thought in what may have very well been nothing more than a typical 'potsy' brain fog moment most of us are all-too-familiar with. Instead Murphy was accused by the press of being a drug addict. Given that there were no illegal substances found in her system (just prescription/over the counter meds) and she died of pneumonia and anemia, it's pretty suspicious. How many 32-year-olds die of pneumonia? It would be fairly rare in a young, healthy individual unless her body/immune system was already compromised from something like a chronic illness. What is also eerily suspicious is that her late husband died in the same house a mere 6 months later of identical causes: pneumonia and anemia. Could there have been a strange and toxic mold encapsulating their house? Sources like ABC News say no. Most experts agree that they had similar lifestyles/habits that would have led them to the same cause of death. I still say it's more than an eerie coincidence that warrants further investigation.

Another celebrity I suspect may have a POTS-like illness is Kristen Stewart. A few months ago when she was interviewed by Jay Leno my mom and I both noticed that she could simply not sit still during the interview. She fidgeted constantly, so much that it was distracting. It looked as if it were more than nerves, like she really couldn't stop it. I fidget/move around constantly to keep myself from passing out. This is something I have done instinctively since I first got sick, I just didn't realize why I was doing it. We watched Stewart in 'The Yellow Handkerchief' on Netflix the other night. In her role she exhibited some hypermobility in the ballet moves. There were also no scenes were she sat perfectly still. I have yet to see a Twilight movie so not sure if she exhibits the same tendencies in all her films. The other day she was interviewed for a local program where I noticed she had a taped right wrist...signs of EDS perhaps? For the record I have been told that Kristin Stewart is my celebrity twin. Probably the pale skin.
*Please remember my opinions on this blog are purely speculation. I do not have any medical evidence to support my claims other than what I have read on the Internet. Everything here is pure conjecture.


  1. I agree about Brittany Murphy! I never even thought about Kristen Stewart, though. The yellow wiggle from the kids show The Wiggles had it, didn't he? He could be our disease's celebrity endorser. Haha

  2. Lol Rachel that's not a bad idea! I'd say we could definitely use a celebrity endorser or spokesperson of sorts. Illnesses start to get more recognition in the public eye once a celebrity is afflicted.