Jan 11, 2012

The Dorothy Shoe Project!

Michelle over at Living with Bob came up with a truly brilliant idea: to share her sparkly shoes with the world. Specifically, to share her signature shoes among those of us living with chronic invisible illnesses like dysautonomia. Whether you live in Denmark, Dubai, or anywhere in between, the coveted Dorothy shoes may make their way to your doorstep. If you're interested in participating, simply send a brief email with your name and your country to Rusty.Hoe@thedorothyshoeproject.com.

Can't walk in heels? Can't walk at all? Not a problem. Everyone is entitled to take their turn wearing the shoes. The only stipulation is that you photograph yourself (or your feet!) wearing them in a creative way and share online. Not only will The Dorothy Shoe Project infuse a bit of fun and whimsy into our lives, it is also a beautiful display of solidarity and a unique and I'll bet effective way to spread awareness. Wear them to your doctor's appointment, to the gym, the grocery store, any public place where people may inquire about your ruby heels and what they represent.

Michelle is already one of the coolest women in the world and her latest creation, The Dorothy Shoe Project, pretty much crowns her as Superwoman to those of us in the chronic invisible illness community. So Michelle, this song's for you and all you do. Your blog has already been a life-changer for so many of us and now you're about to change even more lives with The Dorothy Shoe Project. Can't wait to put some new shoes on and pass them along!


  1. Thanks for sharing the project and for all the lovely things you said. Love the song too. So perfect. I hope more people come on board, the more the merrier, though even if they don't it's already way more people than I ever expected. Must admit I'm a bit behind on responding to emails as so many have come in. As much as I want to jump into it, Bob is making his presence known so I'm having to really pace myself.

    The awareness part is great but I really hope it can bring some joy into people's lives. I've linked your post up over on my latest update on the blog. Mr Grumpy is going to play with the website a bit this weekend to try and get it functioning at a basic level, but I'm hoping a local web designer may come on board to help out. Thanks for all your support with this it really means a lot. xxxx

  2. You're more than welcome. I thought the song was perfect too. :)

    I am loving http://thedorothyshoeproject.com/. The map is awesome! Really gives a better idea of the potential scope and international impact of the project!