Oct 31, 2013

October was Dysautonomia Awareness Month! How Did You Celebrate?

It's the last day of Dysautonomia Awareness Month! How did you commemorate the occasion? Many people spread awareness online, through successful social media campaigns like "Thumbs Up for Dysautonomia Awareness" where people proudly sported blue nail polish on their thumbs to show solidarity and support for dysautonomia patients. Many others also took the opportunity to raise awareness in their communities by hosting fundraisers, educating physicians, or friends and family. It's important to realize that raising dysautonomia awareness doesn't end in October. It's a 24/7 pursuit. Individuals around the world are working tirelessly to spread awareness 365 days a year. For more ideas and information on how to keep spreading awareness or to host a fundraiser to benefit new and ongoing research, please visit DysautonomiaInternational.org.


  1. My month long Australian and New Zealand guest posts went really well, nearly 24,000 hits this month. Was great to share so many stories of patients and their families and share the awareness. Loved Cathi's Thumbs Up event, something everyone anywhere can participate in.

  2. Holy cow that's amazing Michelle!! I enjoyed your guest posts, so many cool folks with dysautonomia!! You are absolutely awesome! Thank you for spreading awareness each and everyday through your blog. It is always one of my favorite reads. <3