Nov 14, 2013

POTS: The Pretty Girl Disease?

While I may be a tad bit biased, I think POTS patients are among the coolest people in the world. Also among the prettiest. And is it some sort of eerie coincidence that there are many potsies who are models? Take rising star Alexandra Agro (pictured above) from the latest season of America's Next Top Model. Unfortunately she became very ill due to a POTS episode and missed what became her final elimination ceremony. There is also Marissa Irwin, an EDS patient who suffered from Chiari Malformation and POTS and was featured on an episode of Mystery Diagnosis. One of my best friends also suffers from POTS and is an up-and-coming model with great star potential.

While I don't have any concrete scientific evidence to back up my claim, maybe someday researchers will study the POTS-pretty girl phenomenon. One thing I know to be true: POTS patients are beautiful inside and out, in spite of having wacky, temperamental autonomic nervous systems!

Here is a link to an Alexandra Agro interview where she discusses her POTS with Reality TV World:!-15399.php

Here is the Mystery Diagnosis episode featuring model Marissa Irwin in its entirety:

And, just for fun, here is Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock." (Disclaimer: The lyrics of this song are in NO WAY meant to imply that POTS patients are arrogant or conceited about their looks. I just happen to really like this song. It's equal parts cheesy and catchy.)


  1. I like this theory of yours :)
    xoxo Brittany

  2. Why thank you Brittany. We have to see the lighter side of things whenever we can!