Apr 10, 2012

People Suck Sometimes

Whether it's my able-bodied uncle giving me his idea of a "pep talk" by dispensing trite advice: "you are a smart girl, you can do anything you put your mind to, and you wouldn't want to live life from a chair!" (As if anybody has a choice or really aspires to live their life from a chair in the first place...) Ah, the mind over matter speech. If only it were that simple... If only my mind were able to cure my physical illness...

Or my therapist saying that having to go to the doctor every week is "no kind of life," I have come to realize recently that even seemingly well-intentioned people sure do pass judgment on others a lot. I am probably even guilty of that myself every once in awhile. It's one thing to have a thought pop into your head and keep it to yourself but quite another to impose your potentially offensive point of view onto someone else. Yet I am sure that neither one of these people meant to offend me. Which hearkens back to the same question I have asked myself before: am I just overly-sensitive? Or does everyone just need to take care to be more politically correct when it comes to their interactions with the chronically ill?

My skin cannot get much thicker. I am sensitive by nature but have learned to let a lot of things just "roll off" these past few years that would have previously really upset me. Today's discovery of the Facebook group openly discriminating against the disabled really left me reeling. It is amazing to me how people can get away with hate speech like that at this time in history. The following cartoon was posted on their group page and I found myself studying it for quite awhile, not able to uncover a single ounce of humor in it:

I certainly do not find it amusing and do not appreciate being given the label "pampered disabled." If the cartoonist's idea of being "pampered" is not making enough to live on, not being able to travel, not being able to be physically active and not being able to lead normal lives, then call us "pampered." Surely we must be "pampered" by being granted access to basic services through closer parking spaces. Surely that evens the score and levels the playing field among the able-bodied and the disabled. I believe in free speech as much as the next person, but I do not believe in poking fun at or disrespecting people in a public forum, especially the most marginalized groups of society, or "mutants" as a particularly ignorant and mean-spirited member of the Facebook group referred to all disabled people as. It is disgusting to me how sinister and overtly hateful some people can be. Days like today I am even more thankful to have compassionate friends on my side who are genuinely good people. You know who you are.


  1. I so agree! I just cant believe that people have to be so awful! The person who created the group said its all light-hearted and just her sick humor...well i say NOT FUNNY! Maybe she should take her sick humor and turn it on herself! I find this so disturbing and awful, especially on the heels of so many losses in our community! We are grieving, broken-hearted, facing our own mortality and they think they are just friggen hilarious. God forbid they should ever have to endure our lives...i admit i am praying for vengence for them! I told God I know its wrong but I cant help it. I struggle for words at how disgusted i am....some people just really do suck.

  2. This isn't humour in the slightest. It is hate pure and simple. Sadly I don't think they are alone. Look at the UK situation and the US and Oz, we have shows going out of their way to find 'cheats' who get benefits and then act like they are the norm. It is easy to hate others as it diverts you from looking at yourself. Simply disgusting.

  3. "Lighthearted" was certainly not the word I would use to describe their hate speech! I couldn't believe she tried to pass it off as a joke and said we just didn't "get" her humor. You're right ladies, it's not humorous at all! I am soooo glad and relieved their group got taken down. I only worry that they will seek to create another that will be better hidden from the public eye. I hope they each get kicked off of Facebook individually too to prevent them from online bullying (at least on Facebook) ever again. Cyndi I don't blame you for wanting a bit of vengeance! I would like for them to have to walk in our shoes for a bit so that they would appreciate what we go through on a daily basis!

  4. It is equally disturbing to find that there were a number of medical professionals as members of the group. How can you be in health care and laugh at 'mutants' and 'retards' or and old man being bashed? They have no place in health care. I wonder if their employers, or their patients know their attitudes?

    The humour excuse is poor and simply doesn't work. It has been used for years to denigrate various groups and can be seen for exactly what it is. Poorly disguised hate.

    I have no doubt they'll start up somewhere else, sadly that mentality seems to be on the rise across the globe, although still in the minority thankfully. All we can do is stand up and say NO MORE each time they are detected.

  5. Oh wow I didn't know that Michelle! That's absolutely despicable! I can't even believe it. Their licenses should be revoked...

    You're right, that pathetic excuse has been used time and time again throughout history. It seems no one is safe from being a target either.

    If I ever come across any of them anywhere ever again or similar groups I am going to report them. Makes me wonder if there is a need for some sort of committee to police these online hate groups.

  6. It is because of groups like these and our unfortunate experiences with doctors (who call us crazy, stressed, and hypochondriacs) that I have a hard time trusting doctors anymore! I know that there are many, many good professionals out there but just one bad egg who criticizes us can ruin it! I also agree with Cyndi... sometimes I just wish they could live our life for a week at least and see if they could handle it. As much as people who are healthy claim they "understand", they really don't. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful support system via the internet :) To put a positive spin on this, it's nice to know that there are good, caring people out there!!

    Take care ya'll!

  7. I agree, Erin. It seems that a lot of women in particular are dismissed when it comes to our health concerns. I am thankful for a good support system too and especially thankful for you ladies in particular! :) Thanks Erin for infusing a bit of positivity into the situation, really helps put things into perspective a bit to know there are still plenty of good people in the world!