Dec 8, 2010

Winter Update

The weather outside is frightful, my Christmas decorations are up, and so are my spirits. Although I am battling a very nasty head cold at the moment, I do have a few things to celebrate.

I started at my new job a few weeks ago and so far it is going quite well. For those of you who have been wondering, I am working full time (40 hours) and telecommuting, which I would highly recommend. Working from home enables me to put my feet up while working and work from my laptop in bed if need be. It is nice to have that kind of flexibility without having to worry about a commute. It took me nearly two whole years to find this job, but it well was worth the wait. My hope is that I can continue in this position for a long time. I am happy to report that so far I have gotten only positive feedback from my employer, and the work is interesting and engages my communication skills.

Last month I also finished my first articles for DINET's quarterly newsletter. I'm looking forward to seeing them published in the Fall Edition which should be online any day now. My usual indecisive self had a hard time choosing a topic, so I wrote two short articles instead: one on barometric pressure and one on being housebound during the holidays.

On another positive note, I managed to wrap all the Christmas packages with minimal frustration this year, and for once they actually look pretty (wrapping presents is not my forte). My pink tree is up and decorated to near perfection except for a strand of pink lights that is partially burnt out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Christmas episode of Glee featured a pink tree just like mine! (It was Brittany's, go figure.)

I think that's about it for now...just wanted to fill everyone in on some positive news for a change. Hoping the holidays go smoothly for everyone and that we all share in improved health and happiness this holiday season!


  1. Aww cool! I love the different colored trees! I want to get a job from home too. I think that it would be a great idea for bad potsy days, so I can still rest and just chill in my jammies if I need to!

  2. I should really take some pics and post them! It is a very unique tree to say the least! :) I think a work from home job would be great for you! You are a good writer and know a lot about social media! Play up those strengths on your resume! Luckily a lot of companies are starting to create more and more work from home jobs because it is actually a lot cheaper for them (no office space, no benefits, etc). Just make sure they are legitimate before doing any work for them. My new work wardrobe consists of my jammies, lol!