Jan 25, 2011

Guest Post: Defying Gravity

The following is a guest post written by a good friend of mine from college, Marie C. Sakai. She drew her inspiration for 'Wings' from the song 'Defying Gravity.' Marie is an amazingly talented artist, writer, and above all else, a wonderful human being. She is an editor for All Things Healing and teaches art to children in Oregon. Check out her personal blog and her Facebook fan page. Her above illustration, "The Illumination of Energy," was published in the Fall 2010 edition of 'Touch Magazine.'


When will your wings dry my beloved? When will you fly the sky again across moon beams and pyramids and find yourself in love again with the world you came out of?

When will you soar the sky, take a quantum leap into the world farther than the eye can see and the ear can hear--farther than anything else my dear. How far will you go how far will you come? What is that you have been longing to undone and what is it you have been longing to do inside of me and you.

Where are those wings now? Furled and encumbered, I know it true. But don't worry my child, my love, My beloved you'll start happening too.

You may not be able to defy gravity yet, but you know that would be the perplexity of the whole thing definitely. You may not be able to justify what and why things happened to you--but I'm not interested in the why, I just want to know what your soul feels like when it soars that sky so blues, so augmented hue of greens, that you fly the sky far away that you go where you soul leads you to stay. I want to know what happens when you go--what happens when you know all the souls that go with you-are drying their wings too.


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