Mar 24, 2011

Makeup That's Good for You!

Wearing a bit of makeup can not only help boost your self-image and self esteem, it can, believe it or not, also be at least somewhat healthy for your skin. The last few years I have been a low-to-no-makeup kind of girl, but every now and then the dark circles under my eyes remind me that a little concealer would make me feel a lot better and help erase the signs of my illness from my face. When I worked as a television host in front of cameras and bright, unflattering lights, I was never caught without my makeup on. Now, however, it's a much different story. I am hardly ever caught with makeup on. I had forgotten how much I like wearing it, and enjoy playing around with colors.

Since I like to avoid anything with chemicals and heavy synthetics, I was in search of a makeup with more natural ingredients. Tarte cosmetics make the grade. I purchased Tarte's The Jewelry Box from Sephora this winter and have since enjoyed every single shade of eyeshadow, which applies easily and has a smooth finish. I also like their illuminizer and eyeliners. It is all great quality makeup, and best of all, nothing irritated my skin or eyes, so I can wear it without worrying about developing a case of red eyes or breaking out from the chemicals. My only complaint is that the lip gloss in the set is a bit sticky and I don't care for the lip gloss shades against my pale skin. However, overall this product was a great value, great quality, and reminded me how fun makeup (minus the chemicals) can truly be. The fact that Tarte cosmetics also contain a blend of free-radical fighting super fruits, vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts is an added bonus.

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