Sep 17, 2011

Give Your Body A Boost!

I have been drinking Boost for a little over a month now ever since my grandpa persuaded me to try it when I had an upset stomach one day and couldn't manage to choke down any real food. I think I had eaten some bad food one night, vomited and vomited and felt horrible afterwards. Nothing appealed to me after that but I knew I needed to eat and drink the next day to keep my electrolytes stable. My grandpa swears by his Boost High Protein drink so I decided to humor him and give it a try. To my surprise, it was at least somewhat palatable and did give me an almost instant "boost" of energy. Luckily Boost does not contain caffeine or any other crazy stimulant ingredients, just vitamins, minerals and protein. It is, however, derived from milk protein so be careful if you're lactose intolerant.

I don't normally take any vitamins or special supplements but I try to be somewhat conscious of what I eat on a daily basis. That is, I pay attention to the important stuff like getting plenty of salt, potassium and fluid intake. I definitely wouldn't say I eat a perfect diet though. I still eat junky processed foods when I have a craving, but overall I try to get a good variety of different foods in so didn't think my body was really lacking anything in particular. Perhaps that's why I was really surprised by the way my body reacted to Boost. After a few days of drinking it, my resting heart rate was totally normal (60's sitting!) and only jumped to the 90's when I stood up. I realize that that jump still meets the criteria for POTS, however, it is much better than my usual jump into the 120's. I have been drinking one a day religiously for the past month and I am pleased to report that my numbers have been looking much, much better. I don't know why, maybe my body was lacking some essential nutrient contained in Boost, or maybe its pure coincidence and my POTS is finally cooperating for once, but I really have been feeling better most days. I hope this trend continues. I am definitely going to keep drinking Boost, it couldn't hurt. My gut instinct says it is at least partially responsible for the recent improvement in my numbers and how I feel.


  1. I may have to try those! Thanks for the tip about them. :D

  2. I drink some Boost, too if I can't seem to get down any food! I was told that Boost + Protein isn't all its cracked up to be by my doc though - he said for some reason your not actually getting the protein you need from it like it claims... I guess there was a study done... I'll look for it online and let ya know :)

    Walgreens always has them on sale & then if you stick a high value coupon along with that - double the sweetness!!! haha

  3. Haha thanks Erin, great idea! I almost forgot you are a couponer too! :) Interesting though about the study. And that's probably right. I try not to rely on it but I figure by adding one a day in addition to the rest of my meals it may help fill the gaps. I think a lot of times especially elderly people will end up surviving on it but it's best to just use it as a supplement.