Oct 19, 2011

Help Rachel Breathe Merchandise

So many wonderful and talented people are afflicted with EDS and POTS. Rachel Phillips is one of them. She is currently fighting for her life as there is significant lung involvement. Rachel is in need of a lifesaving surgery that has not yet been performed in the U.S. A Swedish surgeon is willing to perform a new groundbreaking procedure on her. Rachel was once a brilliant ballerina, able to breathe, move and live life to the fullest. Let's help give her life back, she deserves it! To read more about Rachel's story and see videos and photos of her stunning performances, please visit helprachelbreathe.com.

The beautiful image of Rachel pictured above was done by talented artist and EDS patient Michaela Oteri. Michaela is not only an amazing artist, she is also incredibly kind and generous and is donating all proceeds raised to Rachel. Check out all the merchandise options at CafePress. You will not only be getting a custom shirt, necklace or poster, you will also be giving Rachel a chance at survival. The merchandise is reasonably priced so spread the word. The holidays are right around the corner and a custom item would be a great gift idea for an EDS patient or a dancer in your life.

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