Feb 29, 2012

Top Ten Trader Joe's Products!

Although my tummy has given me considerable trouble the last few months both before and after the emergency appendectomy, I can still find things to eat at Trader Joes. The other evening it dawned on me that I could barely survive without a Trader Joes nearby. For one thing, it is much smaller than the Safeways and Albertsons of the world and therefore more manageable and less of an energy drain to shop there. Our local Trader Joes also has benches in the store even though it is small. Much appreciated during all those potsy shopping trips.

If I go at night the lines are typically short and the aisles uncrowded so I can read labels if need be. I also like Trader Joes because their products are typically less processed and contain more natural ingredients with names I can actually pronounce. They also have a nice selection of organic products at competitive prices. It is a great place to shop if you have issues with food allergies or intolerances. I am allergic to sulphur dioxide, often used to preserve dried fruits with. Trader Joe's products are clearly marked with the allergens so I don't have to hunt through the whole ingredient list to figure out if I may be allergic to something or not.

Here's a list of my favorite Trader Joes products, in no particular order. If you try a product you don't like from Trader Joes, they will gladly take it back, no questions asked. So your purchases are essentially risk free. A nice way to try new things without having to worry about wasting money on something you may not like. That said, you wont need to return any of the items on my list! I recommend the following without reservation:


  1. That vegetable fried rice looks awesome!! Also, I could kill for some chocolate yogurt right about now! I hope your doing better, lady!! Prayers go out to you!


  2. It is awesome indeed! One of my freezer staples! And soooo easy! TJ's has been out of it all week so I'm currently out. I'd better stock up next time. My only complaint about that store is that they always seem to run out of my fave products! Glad to see you're back in the blogosphere again! I have missed your posts! I am doing much better, thank you! Hope you are well also! :)