Jun 16, 2012

BackCaddy Review!

Anyone who doesn't know about the CaddyWraps line yet should. Not just people in chronic pain (like me lately) but anyone who has a pulse. Last month I introduced you to the FaceCaddy, which has been a godsend for helping me cope with intense TMJD headaches. Anyone who goes to the dentist should own one!

The BackCaddy utlizes the same time-tested insulated ice/heat technology to provide lasting warmth or cold therapy to relieve sore muscles and joints. The BackCaddy helped me get through a particularly painful period this month: I strapped it around my waist to help relieve menstrual cramps. Normally I wear a ThermaCare Heat Wrap but those are a bit pricey and add up since they are a one-time use product. I also have a trusty hot water bottle but it sometimes leaks and I have actually burnt myself with it before because I filled it up with too hot of water.

The BackCaddy on the other hand, is foolproof. Comfortable, portable and powerful. I popped the large gel pack into the microwave for less than 2 minutes, placed it in the insulated BackCaddy and strapped it on for several hours. To my pleasant surprise it stayed warm until I removed it! I REALLY REALLY wish I would've owned one of these right after my appendectomy earlier this year. The hospital sent me home with an awkward, rock hard ice pack that leaked. The BackCaddy would have saved me from extra aggravation and suffering for sure.

I recommend the BackCaddy without reservation for anyone suffering from EDS, back problems, menstrual cramps or even abdominal surgery recovery. It is available in two different adjustable sizes. At 5'3" and 115 pounds I am far from a giant, but I was able to wrap the BackCaddy taut around my waist to fit perfectly and comfortably.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the BackCaddy features gentle compression which is GREAT for POTS patients, especially in the abdominal area where our blood tends to pool following meals. Would work well with the gel icepack (included) in the summertime as a more affordable alternative to a cooling vest and the extra compression the BackCaddy provides is an added bonus for any potsy.

You can purchase a BackCaddy and the entire CaddyWraps line at CaddyWraps.com or Amazon.com.

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