Jun 22, 2012

Beat the Summer Heat with a FaceCaddy!

As a chronic TMJD sufferer with EDS I have been enjoying my FaceCaddy for several months now. The last few days have brought warmer weather and I once again realized just how great this product really is, not just for pain relief but for temperature regulation as well. Regardless of whether you have headaches or jaw pain, the FaceCaddy renders ice packs easily wearable, which is perfect for potsies in hot weather! I suffer from extreme heat intolerance, as do many other dysautonomia patients. The relief this product provides is tremendous. Due to the FaceCaddy's insulation, the ice packs stay cool for a long time without having to swap them or refreeze them.

I love this product, and am going to give away another zebra FaceCaddy to one lucky reader to celebrate the summer solstice!

To enter the Summer FaceCaddy Giveaway, please leave a comment below and let me know why you'd like to win! Also be sure to list your name and email address.

Entry deadline is July 10th. I will draw a name from my big floppy beach hat and post the name of the winner here on Defying Gravity, so be sure to check back after July 10th. Winner will be selected at random.

*You will automatically receive one bonus entry if you entered my first FaceCaddy Giveaway in honor of EDS Awareness Month.

*Anyone can receive an additional entry by sharing this giveaway post on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and good luck! :)

If you can't wait until July 10th and want to order a FaceCaddy now, purchase any CaddyWraps product online at CaddyWraps.com and enter "Take5" in the coupon code for $5 off your order!


  1. I hate that I am at a point in my life where I'm jumping for joy at the possibility of winning this, but IT'S TRUE!! I am extremely intolerant of heat. I have to "pre-cool" my car down before heading out to drive somewhere and even just the little walk from my front door to my car can be pretty miserable. I always make sure to have a big glass of ice water with me and sometimes make ice packs out of ziplock bags for extra caution. My mind is filled with thoughts like "What if I run out of gas?" and "What if my car breaks down" and even "What if my a/c breaks in my house/car". ANYTHING that can help me even a little to deal with the oppressive heat of a SC summer makes me a little giddy haha! So goes the life of a POTSy ;) Definitely enter me! I'll re-post this to Facebook!

  2. I would really like to try a FaceCaddy, especially during the summer months!!!

  3. ^^^I forgot to mention that my name is Jennifer Pfaffl and my e-mail address is missfluff129@yahoo.com :)

  4. this is neat would be good to have as I am in process of getting many teeth pulled for dentures due to many issues by EDS, POTS, and many vitamin deficiencies. This will help keep me cool and with swelling from extractions.

    Here is link with shared on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/283059568428681/

    1. name is christina rightmer on facebook. i am only one in california

  5. my name is Victoria umm, last name to be changed soon, and my emails is Riversdream47 @ gmail.com

    I would love to try this as i suffer from heat intolerance and dislocations thanks to EDS and this is my first summer on the prairies in a non air condition trailer . . . fun times :)

  6. I would love to win this. I carry a travel mug of ice water with me when I go out in the summer and ice packs in a cooler in case I need them. My sister and I both have TMJ and this might be very helpful to both of us.

    Thanks for the contest! skpaw818 @ gmail.com (Take out extra spaces in email. The spaces keep search engines from reading the email address and signing me up for spam) Kathleen W.

  7. That looks like an awesome product! I am not sure how to follow you though.

  8. I NEED a facecaddy so my jaw will allow me to talk to my amazing friends more!

  9. (Christina Clift clift.christina@gmail.com)

  10. I would LOVE to win one of these, I'm new-ishly diagnosed with EDS & don't know what to try for pain. I would also love to be able to relieve my 2 kids pain(they are 9 & 7 & also have EDS).

    Michelle Ball

  11. This is also in honor of EDS awareness month!

  12. Have used ice packs for years for migraines and flashes. Would love to have one that lasted longer than 10 minutes. Denise Spreen dspreen@gmail.com

  13. I have EDS which has caused me TMJ and POTS meaning that I am very heat intolerant. I am a medical student and heat intolerance is especially bad on placement because they keep the wards warm for the sick patients. I would love to have a face caddy to help with this (although I don't think I'd get away with wearing it at work!)

    My name is flo and my email is disabledmedic[at]hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks =] x

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  15. Kristina,
    Migraines, TMJ, Hot Flashes, Facial Flushing; I've got em all. I like a good challenge! :) Beyond the diagnoses of POTS, Chiari I, Celiac, a likely Neuroendocrine Tumor, and a pending EDS diagnosis, there is ME. The person I am above the labels. I live life the the fullest the best I can every day, but doing so in the hot summer months there is quite some difficulty.

    The FaceCaddy is a fabulous concept in providing non-medicinal relief, and the stylish Zebra print is very 'hot' right now. (Pun intended!)

    I'd love to hear my name called on July 10th. (It would be extra special, as that's my birthday!) God Bless you for giving back to our community in offering this giveaway.

    Tammy Kang

  16. This is Fab!

    Tina Murphy - gumbygirl79@gmail.com