May 5, 2011

DINET Needs Our Help!!!

If you haven't done so already, please read the Spring 2011 edition of DINET's quarterly newsletter. I have been a newsletter contributor since last year when they were seeking volunteer writers. Now, however, DINET (Dysautonomia Information Network) is seeking a new president in order to keep the organization afloat. I know so many brave, strong, articulate and amazing individuals who would be perfect for this position. Please do not be intimidated by the title, people of all backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to apply. If you have any experience with dysautonomia and any interest in being a leader for DINET, I would strongly encourage you to apply. It is an honorary volunteer position and current president Michelle Sawicki has simply reached a point where she has too little time and energy to devote to the organization.

This is a wonderful organization and an important resource for all of us to refer doctors, friends and family to in order to help them gain understanding and awareness of this debilitating and complicated condition. In fact, was the trusted website my electrophysiologist referred me to upon my diagnosis. Let's each do our part to keep it up and running.

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